Eye Exam

Noticed any symptoms that your eyes aren’t working as they should be? Tell-tale signs can include a wide range of symptoms, including redness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, strain, infection, among others. Safeguarding the healthy function and health of our eyes starts with regular eye examinations by a professional optometrist, to detect problems before they exacerbate. Here at Eye Catchers Optical, we are passionate about providing comprehensive and holistic eye health services. 

Our team of highly experienced optometrists can assist with everything from professional eye examinations to prescription glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and specialised eye health services, including digital scans, visual field testing, macula and glaucoma assessments. 

During your comprehensive eye examination, we will take the time to ensure we find the best possible solution for your visual needs. Eye exams generally take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on your requirements. At your appointment, we will ask about the previous history of your eyes and eye-related family history. The optometrist will examine your:


Eye health

Colour vision

Visual acuity

Visual field

Binocular vision

Retinal imaging

Eye conditions we particularly investigate are:

Macular degeneration


Diabetic retinopathy



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